Authentic Stable Doors for Newbury Homes


Yale Locks

All our stable doors are fitted with multipoint Yale locking systems. Improve your home security by upgrading to one of our doors.


uPVC & Composite Design

Our product range includes both uPVC and composite stable doors. You can choose whichever option best suits your budget.


Range of Finishes

Both our stable door models are available in a plethora of high performance, fade proof colour finishes. We have something for everyone.


Versatile Stable Doors

Stable doors make for an excellent addition to any Newbury home. Traditionally used by horse owners, it was quickly seen that their unique benefits also transferred over the home. Easily identifiable through their two panel design, stable doors come with a horizontal split that down the middle. This allows the top half of the door to be opened separately from the bottom when needed.

Traditionally, these doors were often seen fitted to older properties as a front or back door. However, our modern profile provides a universal set of perks that allow them to benefit just about any style of property in Berkshire. Better yet, our range of customisation options ensures that your stable door will unify with your home’s décor, be it rustic and traditional or modern and contemporary.

Our high quality stable doors are available installed as either a front or back door. As a back door alternative, you gain heightened control over ventilation, allowing air to flow through the top half without leaving yourself completely exposed. This can prove to be particularly valuable if you have younger pets or children who you wouldn’t want free roam of the garden.

While authentic stable doors are manufactured from timber, our uPVC or composite variants make for excellent replicas. They can be designed to visually imitate real wood timber doors while removing all the nasty drawbacks. Our doors will offer a much longer lifespan and consistent weatherproofing while requiring significantly less maintenance.

Complete Customisation

Our stable doors are made bespoke to order. With this, homeowners like yourself get complete control over the customisation of their new doors. Whether you’re having it installed as a front or back door, there are a plethora of options for you to explore.

You can choose from a wide range of different coloured topcoats, all of which are designed to perform in the elements. We have handle, knocker and letterbox options, as well as glazed panels available with decorative finishes. There’s something for modern and traditional homes alike.

Heat Retention

Whether you opt for a uPVC or a composite stable door, you’ll receive an excellent thermal performance. With such a vast amount of heat escaping through your front and back doors, it’s essential that you’re investing in quality. Our stable doors are exactly that.

Our composite model comes with a robust centre slab that traps your home’s natural warmth within the home. Meanwhile, our uPVC variant is fitted with equally impressive thermal retention measures that prevent the ingress of cold air into your property.

Weatherproof Design

Our stable doors are fitted with weatherproof measures to ensure a consistent performance in even the worst conditions. Both our uPVC and composite models are designed with complete perimeter weatherseals that prevent rainwater from seeping into your home.

In doing so, your stable doors offer complete protection against rotting, mould or damp. Meanwhile, by using either uPVC or a composite blend of materials, the door itself will never warp or bow during rainfall as an authentic timber variant may do.

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Stable Doors Prices Newbury

You’re welcome to approach us directly if you’d like to get prices for our stable door installations. You can also use this opportunity to ask us any questions you have about our front and back doors. Fill in our online form here on our website, and one of our team will be in touch as soon as they can. You’re also welcome to call us direct on 01189 711960.

Trustworthy Home Improvement Experts

If you’re having a stable door fitted to any older property, you need to find an installer you can rely on. Here at Castle Windows, we bring three decades of industry experience to every installation and are supported by Checkatrade and FENSA.

We take a duty of care with every installation, something which is particularly important when working on older properties here in Berkshire and the surrounding counties. Better yet, our standard of customer service is exemplary. We treat each customer and their property with the utmost respect and will leave it in the exact same conditions as we found it – no extra mess or dirt.

Stable Doors Newbury