Solid Conservatory Roofs for Newbury Homes


Sleek Design

Our solid conservatory roofs offer stunning visual appeal that can blend with both modern and traditional properties here in Berkshire.


Ten Year Guarantee

With Castle Windows, you can have a solid conservatory roof fitted that is protected for a decade against manufacturing defects.


Quality Supply Chains

We work with Eurocell to install their Equinox roof system here in our coverage area. You know you’re getting a quality product from the off.

Innovative Solid Conservatory Roofs

Castle Windows offer a range of solid conservatory roofs to homeowners across Berkshire. A stark visual difference from the conventional glazed or polycarbonate system, these solid variants provide their own broad range of unique benefits for the homeowner. With this, they stand in their own right as a fantastic option, whatever style of conservatory you’re looking for.

Our solid systems come with a tiled design. In doing this, they offer heightened visual appeal and can blend with both contemporary and traditional properties alike. Better yet, there are a range of different tile colours on offer, allowing you to find one that effortlessly blends with the unique décor of your home. You’ll be able to design the perfect conservatory with us.

Solid conservatory roofs allow your extension to feel seamlessly connected with the home. The opaque design enhances your home privacy levels and improves the room like feel during the evenings. Better yet, the option of double glazed roof windows ensures there is still a steady filtering of natural light, maintaining the light and airy feel you associate with a conservatory.

These roof systems are available both with new conservatory builds or via retrofit. With the latter, you can replace your outdated roof with one of our solid variants at a cost that is often less than installing a new extension. Our solid conservatory roofs will transform the performance of your extension, enhancing the thermal and weather performances and improving lifespan.

Enhanced Thermal Retention

Our solid conservatory roofs are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The fully insulated system can achieve U-values as low as 0.15W/m2K. For reference, this is around ten times better than what a quality set of double glazed windows will average.

With this, the maximum amount of natural heat will be trapped within your conservatory after installation. Whether you’re having a new build fitted or just replacing the roof, you can use your extension all year round with our solid conservatory roofs.

Complete Weatherproofing

Efficient weather protection measures are fitted to each solid conservatory roof we install. In doing this, your extension is protected in all elements, preventing water ingress and thus eliminating the possibility of damp spots, rotting or mould from forming.

Better yet, modern roofline fitted around the perimeter of our solid conservatory roofs allows the system to filter water away in a hassle free manner. Modern uPVC guttering will never rot or warp, ensuring a consistent flow of water and waste away from the roof of your conservatory.

Durability & Lifespan

You’re making a sound long term investment by choosing one of our solid conservatory roofs. The durable design is guaranteed for ten years, while the tiles can come with up to a 50 year guarantee, promising almost two generations free of manufacturing defects.

The system is designed to be robust and hard to damage by both adverse weather and any unwanted intruders. Choosing a solid roofed conservatory will not compromise on your home security, but rather enhance its overall performance for decades to come.



Solid Conservatory Roofs Prices Newbury

Contact Castle Windows directly if you’re looking to invest in one of our solid conservatory roofs. Whether you’re looking to have an entire conservatory built or are just replacing the existing roof system, please get in touch. You can either leave your details on our online form or call direct on 01189 711960. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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Experienced Home Improvement Specialists

Castle Windows bring a wealth of experience to every solid conservatory roof installation. In fact, we’ve been in this industry for over 30 years, meaning our skilled installers boast decades of collective experience.

Whether you’re having a new conservatory built or just a new roof for an existing one, you can place your complete trust in us. We’ve served over 40 thousand customers since we began operations. We know how to take the stress and hassle away from a conservatory installation.

Conservatory with Solid Tiled Roof