Flush Casement Windows for Newbury Homes


Modern Hardware

Our flush casement windows are designed with the finest locks and weatherseals on the market, allowing them to deliver excellent performance levels.


Authentic Finishes

If you’re renovating an older property with flush fitting frames, you can choose from a range of authentic woodgrain foils to achieve that elegant touch.


Easy Installation

By offering made to measure, tailored builds, our flush casement windows are always fitted in an easy and efficient manner. No cutting is needed on site.

Stunning Flush Casement Windows

Flush casement windows are an excellent renovation option for Newbury and Berkshire homeowners. They come with a unique design whereby the profile is made to be fully flush fitting, as opposed to protruding like a chamfered or sculpted profile would. These sleek and subtle aesthetics allow flush casement windows to benefit both modern and traditional properties alike.

However, flush casement windows are often more popular with those living in period properties, as they work as an excellent timber replacement option. These profiles are manufactured using a process that includes authentic joinery techniques. With this, you can install a set of flush sash windows with a woodgrain foil for indistinguishable aesthetics compared with real hardwood.

Being a uPVC profile, flush casement windows offer a range of modern, practical perks that benefit all homeowners. You can expect complete thermal efficiency, easy installations, weatherproofing and home security. All the while, full customisation will allow you to create flush fitting windows that suit your home’s décor perfectly.

What’s more, as a variant of the conventional casement, our flush profiles come with all the same configuration options. You can choose from a wide range of panel options, including fixed frames as well as wider, larger profiles. You’ll also have the option for either top or side hung windows, allowing you to design flush casement windows that serve almost any purpose within the home.

Complete Weatherproofing

With older timber profiles, one common issue is problems with weatherproofing. As wood becomes older, water ingress becomes more common, due to the permeability of the older timber. This isn’t a problem with our flush casement windows.

Visually, they can authentically replicate timber windows, despite being made from uPVC. By doing this, you’ll maintain your home’s period charm, while also protecting it against the elements. You’ll never have to worry about problems such as rotting, damp or mould.

Energy Efficiency

uPVC is a fantastic insulator. As a result, our flush casement windows achieve fantastic standards of thermal retention. Internal chambers within the profile work in harmony with the double glazing to ensure that your home’s natural warmth is trapped within the home during winter.

Older properties have a reputation for subpar thermal efficiency. Renovate with Castle Windows, and you can ensure that your home remains at the optimal temperature all year round. All the while, our flush casement windows ensure that you maintain any traditional aesthetics.

Excellent Lifespan

Our flush casement windows are both low maintenance and long lasting. uPVC is famed for its ability to last for decades, even when subjected to extreme weather conditions. Our flush casement windows will never bow or warp within the profile.

What’s more, you are only required to complete occasional maintenance, whereas authentic timber requires much more regular upkeep. The coloured foil will never need refinishing, while you’ll only need to ensure that the moving components are free of excess dust or any debris.



Flush Casement Window Prices Newbury

If you have any questions about our flush casement window installations or would like to get an estimated quote, get in contact today. You can leave your details on our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with more details and some pricing. For the answer to anything immediate, call Castle Windows today on 01189 711960. We’ll be happy to do our best to assist with your enquiry.

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Dependable Home Improvement Installers

Flush casement windows are often fitted as a timber replacement option in an older property. With this, you need to work with a home improvement specialist who has experience working with older houses. We’ve been completing installations in all kinds of properties across the Newbury and Berkshire areas for over three decades.

With this, you can depend on Castle Windows if you’re looking to renovate a period home or even a listed building. We’ll take a duty of care to give you complete peace of mind. Our bespoke windows will never need cutting or amending on site, having been designed to perfectly fit the desired aperture.

Flush Fitting Window Quotes