Sliding Sash Windows for Newbury Homes


Traditional Design

Our sliding sash windows are designed to visually replicate the stunning design of authentic vertical sliders. They are almost indistinguishable from real wood.


Concealed Hardware

To ensure maximum visual appeal, the locking systems and seals around the perimeter of our sliding sash windows are hidden from the view of the naked eye.


Made to Measure

As with all our home improvement products, our sliding sash windows are made bespoke to order. You get complete customisation over the design and colour.

Features & Benefits

  • Aluminium reinforced uPVC profile
  • High quality, long lasting vertical slider
  • Multi chambered profile for superb thermal efficiency
Sliding Sash CGI
  • Range of accessories and authentic RAL coloured foils
  • Modern double glazing fitted internally
  • Multipoint locking system as standard

Choose a Colour



Silver Grey

Slate Grey

Black Brown

Anthracite Grey


Golden Oak

Irish Oak

Chartwell Green

Agate Grey

Light Ivory

Dark Green

Steel Blue

Dark Red




Shadow Black


Pebble Grey

Natural Oak

Mountain Pine

Monument Oak

Light Oak

Brilliant White

Basalt Grey


Anthracite Grey


Authentic Sliding Sash Windows

If you live an older property here in Newbury, our sliding sash windows are perfect for you. While their design can aid the visual appeal of both modern and traditional properties alike, they make for an excellent addition to the latter. Installing them is a superb way of improving your home’s overall performance while maintaining the classical period charm.

Sliding sash windows operate on a vertical slider, opening upwards within the frame. These windows were first introduced alongside Victorian era properties, and thus deliver elegant, traditional aesthetics wherever they are fitted. Our replica vertical sliders are designed as a modern alternative to these classical profiles, which were often made from timber.

With this, our sliding sash windows can prove for an excellent long term investment. You won’t be troubled by poor weatherproofing, thermal retention or home security ever again. Instead, you’ll have a bespoke set of new windows fitted, available in a range of woodgrain foils and with high quality and authentic hardware. We have options for every taste and budget.

Our vertical sliding windows are available with a comprehensive range of featured ancillaries. In doing this, they can always adhere to the latest building regulations in your area. You can commission our services knowing you’ll secure planning permission thanks to the profiles we use. We work with an industry leading supply chain to take the stress away from the installation.

Thermal Performance

Our sliding sash windows can achieve fantastic levels of energy efficiency. Being a uPVC profile, they retain just as much heat as any of our modern casement or tilt and turn profiles would. You’ll enjoy thermal retention that far exceeds what an outdated vertical slider is capable of.

If you’re renovating an older property, this improved thermal performance could make a vastly significant difference to your home. The enhanced energy efficiency could even result in cheaper utility bills over time, as it will be easier to warm your house through.

Full Weatherproofing

Our sliding sash windows are fully weatherproof. Innovative weatherpile sealing fitted around the perimeter works to prevent water ingress. Meanwhile, by using uPVC over timber for the profile, there are never any concerns about permeability years down the line.

In comparison, older wood can often begin to soak up water once it’s reaching end of life. With this, older properties with original vertical sliders are often bothered by damp, rotting or mould. Combat this by installing modern sliding sash windows in your home.

Home Security

One significant benefit of having new window profiles installed is the improved home security. Our sliding sash windows are as secure as any of the other styles we offer. With this, you can have complete peace of mind regarding the safety of your family at night.

A concealed perimeter locking system makes it almost impossible for unwanted intruders to break in through these sliding sash windows. The security is enhanced through central catches, corner sash locking and an aluminium reinforced profile.



Sliding Sash Window Prices Newbury

Get in touch with Castle Windows today if you’d like to discuss the needs of your project over the phone. We can provide more details about our services, as well as offer accurate quotes for our sliding sash windows. You can speak to a member of our team today by calling 01189 711960. You’re also welcome to leave your details on our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon we can.

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Experienced Working With Older Homes

More often than not, sliding sash windows are installed to older properties here in the Newbury area. When renovating a period house, it can often be stressful as you want to ensure that the installer will treat your house will the respect it deserves.

You get this by choosing Castle Windows. We have fitted sliding sash windows for over three decades, giving us a keener eye for detail and heightened level of expertise. You can rely on us to work on your older property, knowing we’ll take full duty of care.

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