Modern Tilt and Turn Windows for Newbury Homes


Duraflex System

Our tilt and turn windows are sourced from Duraflex. Their products are a cut above, delivering consistent performance levels across the board.


Modern Hardware

All our window profiles are available with the latest, most innovative hardware to ensure their secure, thermally efficient and completely weatherproof.


Secured by Design Approved

With certain upgrades, our uPVC tilt and turn windows can adhere to the latest Secured by Design regulations, for maximum home security and peace of mind.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi chambered, thermally efficient framework
  • Range of long lasting, fade proof colour finishes in any RAL hue
  • Q-Lon weatherseals and multipoint locking systems
Tilt CGI
  • High performance double glazing as standard
  • Slimline uPVC framework for slim sightlines
  • SAC shootbolt designed for durability and versatility

Choose a Colour



Silver Grey

Slate Grey

Black Brown

Anthracite Grey


Golden Oak

Irish Oak

Chartwell Green

Agate Grey

Light Ivory

Dark Green

Steel Blue

Dark Red




Shadow Black


Pebble Grey

Natural Oak

Mountain Pine

Monument Oak

Light Oak

Brilliant White

Basalt Grey


Anthracite Grey


High Performance Tilt and Turn Windows

There are few window profiles more modern than the tilt and turn. With this, they are fast becoming one of Newbury’s most popular renovation options, with more and more homeowners converting from casement to tilt and turn. Those who make the upgrade are able to reap a wide range of rewards that are unique to our stunning uPVC tilt and turn windows.

As their name would suggest, these profiles are able to operate in two distinct ways. They can open like a conventional side hung casement but are also able to tilt forward within the framework as well. With this, they are traditionally designed with fewer and larger panels, in order to maximise the unique opening system and the benefits that it provides.

By opening so wide from either side of the framework, tilt and turn windows can double up as a fire escape in the event of an emergency. For those living in taller townhouses or properties with hard to reach areas, this can prove to be an invaluable asset to have. An adult can comfortably climb out of one of these windows, in the unlikely instance that they need to.

All the while, the innovative tilt function allows for excellent ventilation control within the home. You can allow for a steady stream of air, without gusts of wind blowing in and knocking over windowsill displays or bothering family members. You also won’t be compromising on your home security when you have your tilt and turn windows open at night.

Low Maintenance & Long Lasting

When you have new tilt and turn windows fitted by Castle, you’ll be making a smart long term investment. As with all our uPVC home improvement products, our tilt and turn windows are designed to withstand the test of the time and all the elements.

By using a uPVC framework, our tilt and turn windows will require little maintenance to perform to a factory fresh standard. An occasional wipe is all that’s needed to get years, if not decades of consistent use. The framework will never rot, bow, warp or distort.

Thermally Retentive

Our tilt and turn windows are designed with a modern thermal performance in mind. The uPVC profile comes with multiple internal chambers which act as individual insulating layers that battle the ingress of cold air during the chilly winter periods.

Meanwhile, modern double glazing prevents your home’s natural heat from escaping. In doing so, your house will sit at the optimal temperature, even during colder evenings. You could even see your energy bills decrease thanks to the energy efficiency of our tilt and turn windows.

Strong & Secure

We place high value on home security here at Castle Windows. We ensure that our tilt and turn profiles are fitted with the highest quality locking systems, ensuring that you have complete peace of mind that your windows are not an easy point of entry for unwanted intruders.

Our tilt and turn windows are fitted with multipoint locking systems that are supported by shootbolts, steel reinforcement within the profile and the option of an additional concealed perimeter locking system. All are made from durable, long lasting materials.



Tilt and Turn Windows Prices Newbury

You’re welcome to contact us directly for quotes or for the answers to any questions you may have about our products or services. You can leave your details on our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You can also call us on 01189 711960 if you’d like to discuss a tilt and turn windows project immediately. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Experienced Tilt and Turn Window Experts

Castle Windows have been operating throughout the Newbury and Berkshire areas for around three decades. With this, he have completed thousands of window installations and can be relied upon for the fitting of your tilt and turn windows.

They are a modern product that we are comfortable working with and you’ll, therefore, receive an efficient and hassle free installation from our technicians. All the while, our personal service will ensure the entire process is kept as stress free as possible for you.

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